Worse than termites? yup

Worse than a leaky roof? yes sir

Worse than smelly carpets? absolutely

What can be worse than poor curb appeal?  Well, what is worse than ALL THE ABOVE if you are serious about selling…is a stale dated listing of your property…and that is, unfortunately, fairly common in Summerland….WHY?

Well, lots of reasons, actually.  Utlimately the reason a property gets stale dated is really quite simple: It has not attracted a serious buyer!  Otherwise, by definition, it would have sold!

But, before we discuss how to AVOID stale dating YOUR place, let’s first examine just WHY it is, SO BAD, to have a stale dated listing?  On the surface, who cares?  Let’s be blunt here for a second: If you really don’t need to sell, then, really, it just does not matter if you stale date your property.  If you don’t care about selling the milk, it doesn’t matter the date on the carton.  The problem is, of cours, if you DO actually care about selling, then staledating your property really does matter.

– buyers always ask “how long has it been on the market?”  Because they want to know if something is wrong, if there is some reason all the OTHER buyers have said NO THANKS to your place.

– buyers avoid making the effort to look at something “nobody else wants”


– buyers sense something is wrong with the place when nobody else wants it.

– buyers think they are missing some hidden defect that has caused the milk to go sour so to speak

– The worst possible outcome of a stale dated property is that, finally, a buyer does have some interest, is willing to make the effort to go have a look, does want to make an offer…but then, guess what?  BECAUSE there is obviously SOME reason EVERYONE else has passed on your place, well, of COURSE the buyer naturally thinks you’re desparate now!

THE WORST THING ABOUT STALEDATING YOUR PROPERTY IS THAT IT IS A SURE ROUTE TO ATTRACT “stink bids” “lowball offers” and BARGAIN HUNTERS…because that is all that is left, after you have burned through all the serious buyers who passed on yours and spent their hard earned money on someone else’s place!  And, frankly, that someone else’s place was probably compared AGAINST yours when it first came on, because…something is wrong with THAT one that has sat on the shelf for so long, right?

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