Your Property and out of area buyers…a new perspective in town!

Summerland is graced with (bless them) a lot of people who have a valid Real Estate license!  There are FIVE offices operating in this small town, and as I say, plenty of people with a license!  So, from the point of view of someone selling…or wanting to sell given there are over 400 active listings in Summerland…which firms attributes will help your property stand out the best?  And who (which person with a license) is really ABLE and EQUIPPED to get your place in front of the buyer coming from out of area?

Well, in terms of experience, I have a successful track record of bringing buyers to listings in 3 different provinces over each of the last FOUR decades…including here in my home town for over 9 years now.

In terms of market reach, I stand behind the #1 SALES SUCCESS Real Estate brand name in the world.  When someone in Calgary is thinking of real estate, they definitely already know the name of my Summerland firm: RE/MAX.  And that is true for people in Edmonton, Fort MacMurray, Langley, Toronto, Saskatoon…everywhere the out of area buyer coming to Summerland comes from…they already know and respect the RE/MAX name.  Most importantly, though…they have DONE BUSINESS with RE/MAX and TRUST the name!  That’s important when there are so many choices, people go with a name they know…and a name they trust.

Patrick Murphy 250 486 2529


10124 Main St Summerland

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