DEFINITION: A trembling state of flustered excitement or fear.

Synonyms include: babble, confusion, flap, fluster, panic, clamor, uproar, big scene, big stink, disquiet, hubbub, tumult, fuss, upheaval, turbulence.

Do those words not remind you of some faded political efforts from the past?

Continued RCMP presence in Summerland.
Trembling political voices from the past continue their traditional “letter to the Editor” campaign in support of… DITHERING.

Here’s another word to consider:

DEFINITIVE!  I understand that to kind of mean:

yes or no!

For example:

“Someone is breaking into my house.  Can you PLEASE get help here right away for my family?”


Dithering in all those letters to the editor may be just more… dithering!

But, please, let’s not let Summerland fall victim to that same old political posturing with their same old mantra of dithering and obfuscation espoused in the local paper.

Actually, given Summerland’s clear choice, one can wonder if those upset, agitated, fuss mongering letter writers will actually come out with a definitive answer, ever!

Yes, we want RCMP presence in Summerland.
No, we do not want RCMP presence in Summerland.

I doubt it…it is just too easy to dither some more.  Frankly, if those letter writing political folks will not put forth a definitive answer, then let’s just agree that they really are only interested in political games.  Because, like it or not, Summerland must make a definitive choice here in the upcoming referendum:
Yes or No!

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