Where do Summerland Buyers come from anyway?

We often hear everybody talk about that “one special” buyer who will come in from Alberta and pay top top dollar, for “my” property.  Same for one special buyer who will come from all those high price sales going on in Vancouver…or how the Vancouver condo project sold out this week in record time…so my place here is worth a lot, right?  All I have to do is be patient and “someone” will come along.  After all, we only need one, right?

GUESS WHAT:  The mirror image takes place, as well!  A buyer comes in and wants “just one” special deal, just one place that is a perfect fit but…the seller is desparate!  just one, surely will come along that I can throw a lowball offer at and the sellerr will be desparate enough to GRAB IT!

SORRY: Things don’t really happen that way for the most part.  Both of those scenarios DO play out sometimes, just as sometimes someone who bought a ticket at the same corner grocery store as you did can win a few hundred bucks or even a few thousand, but for the most part, the media only pays attention to that one BIG lottery winner.

And, in the mix are newspaper headlines and articles like this one today from the Calgary Herald!


Meanwhile, the Okanagan market is improving, people are buying and selling, and the odd buyer gets a steal of a deal and the odd seller gets to rip off an out of area buyer!  Life goes on.  But really, if you want to buy or sell, there IS a market now, and lets get on with your life here!  Give me a call to help you find your best buyer and best seller value in the real world of real estate.

Patrick Murphy 250 486 2529

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