What can Summerland learn

from the recent announcement regarding the Landmark Cinema corporation? Great news, for sure, and a positive shot in the arm for confidence in the South Okanagan.  But, read between the lines, and note that the P.I.B. has now LOST one of the MAJOR tenants for their proposed development on THEIR lands.  Here is how the President of Landmark discussed this:

“Because we have been delaying this too long the moment that the opportunity opened up downtown to revisit the downtown site we extracted ourselves from Channel Crossing. We are certain the Channel Crossing will continue and will proceed in due course once they get through the issues they have to deal with, but we just don’t want to wait for it. This new opportunity downtown let us have the cinema open many, many months before the Channel Crossing,”.

Money goes where it is welcome, when it is welcome and does not do well with delay and having to “deal with issues”.  Yes, great for Penticton, yes, too bad for P.I.B. but mostly…what lesson can the small town of Summerland learn for OUR dealings with investment money? ahem, I mean, of course, when there is once again some interest for investment money to come to Summerland.

Patrick Murphy


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