Wharton St & Belly Button Lint…Wharton is slightly better than a navel I suppose.

In terms of gazing at “something”, I guess Wharton gazing does beat  navel gazing…But not by much.

It is fairly telling what makes a headline in Summerland economics these days, eh?

wait for it…someone is looking at a property.


Can’t name names, mind you…wow.  Oh, and wait, the Editor of the Review is even writing an EDITORIAL about this, too.  The editor is urging “a cautious approach”…me oh my, I guess that means taking more than 4 years to get to “no” again.   And the Editor also wisely cautions thaat “the challenges now lie in getting the work started and in ensuring it is completed”.  WOW again, sorry, just a wee bit of cart before the horse there fella’s.

Two people are LOOKING AT THE POSSIBILITY…that is just a tad fair distance from “getting the work started” friends.  This mentality boggles the mind of anyone who has actually DONE anything remotely like that kind of project.

But, in the case of Summerland, since there is no other option of gazing at economic development of any kind, I do suppose Wharton beats a belly button full of lint.

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