West Jet Announces New Flights

New Routes West Jet Announces New Flights

Communities continue to learn the realities of economics.  Two BC towns, one gets expanded air service, the other does not.

Here’s the thing, just consider 3 quotes from 3 people involved in this:

1) A Westjet Executive as to REASONS for their choice, says:

“The diverse nature of the region’s economic base”…

2) A BC Mayor whose townsfolk had a flashmob:

“We’ve shown there’s an opportunity here for WestJet and there’s a good chance we’ll be added in the future as the other aircraft come online.”

3) A BC Mayor whose town did NOT have a flashmob party:

“This announcement is another key indication of the vibrant and healthy investment environment in Ft St John”


This is a very disappointing result for our area, and it doesn’t matter if I happen to agree completely with the Mayor who is left to say “I’m hopeful we’re still under consideration”…

Here’s the link to the report:


I do not criticise the flashmob organizers or participants.  I do not criticise either Mayor.  It’s just we need to come to grips with the economic reality of the competitive world out there beyond scenery and 2 months of nice warm weather here, guys!

My only point is that well intentioned is, well…well intentioned.  And “our area” just has to roll up our sleeves MORE in order to EARN some of those economic rewards we seek.  Simple, really.  Not easy, but simple.

So, let’s get back to work everyone, and let’s make something(s) happen around here to become more attractive to those investment decision makers.

OUCH, minutes after I wrote the above, I read an item from a RE/MAX Nanaimo friend:

Exciting annoucement.
Russ Burke, Chair of the Nanaimo Airport Commission, wants to invite you to the airport at 1:00 this afternoon to celebrate their inaugural WESTJET Nanaimo to Calgary daily commuter service. The schedule begins in May.
The aircraft will be the new Bombardier Q400 regional carrier.
This is massively exciting news for our community.

OUCH times two.

All I’m saying is this:

We can do better.  We must do better.  We are called to do better.

So let’s get to work…

Patrick Murphy


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