Well, now you’ve hurt my feelings…I always thot this was a SMALL town…

But, alas, in a travel article appearing in a Great Britain writing, here’s what they say:

“In the tiny town of Summerland, population 11,000, I am sent zig-zagging from a winery to an orchard for apple picking, followed by a sampling of mead at a local beekeeper’s”

hmmpphh  TINY town of Summerland…well, maybe I will just call your country “mediocre” Britain and see how that goes over!  JK, thanks for the mention, we appreciate it a lot!  Beautiful pictures, too, by the way!


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2093962/Okanagan-wine-holidays-The-gourmet-British-Columbia.html#ixzz1lGxBOGWa


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