Welcome BC Fire Chiefs Association

Here’s a big Hello to the BC Fire Chiefs Association attending the Penticton Conference this week!

Its been many years since I volunteered as a Golf Caddy at Sumac Ridge Golf Course for the Golf Tournament!

One of the funniest memories still fresh in my mind was the guy coming out of the bushes (he had to PEE!), and he stepped out, right into the fairway, just as the time my golfer nailed his best drive of the day, but it hit the guy square in the side of the knee!

He dropped dropped like a rock!

Fortunately, the guys were able to get him up on his feet and back to the club house without further incident, but I sure found it funnier than he did…and not as funny as the with the great drive found it!

As the son of Summerland’s first full time Fire Chief, I always enjoyed hanging out at the Fire Hall! I was taught how to play crib, how to play ping pong, how to POLISH THE TRUCKS, hang the hoses, and put equipment back in its place.

I was usually the lucky kid who got to ride on the back of the firetruck in parades!

Dryden Fire truck 1 Welcome BC Fire Chiefs Association

The Summerland Fire Department has always had a full complement of volunteers, and professionals, and every time I see them out working on “practice nights”, I always a twinge of regret that I never pursued becoming a volunteer.

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