I read the following written by John Thompson regarding the Summerland RCMP building: “In typical Summerland fashion, they always choose to do things the hard way, that being the case with this facility, which is long overdue for replacement. ”
I don’t blame the writer one bit for thinking that, and writing about “typical Summerland fashion”…however, just to update others who still think of Summerland from days gone by…that stigma is so yesterday!
Many good people have worked hard and are working hard to overcome that stigma, and believe me, after too many years, we have definitely turned the corner.  Just look at the referendum results and consider the following:
More people voted in this referendum than voted in the last municipal election!
Summerland has at least DOUBLED the water storage capacity, each fall at the end of growing season, we have more water LEFT OVER than we had to START growing season with before!
Summerland now has a spectacular state of the art water treatment facility that economically provides safe clean water to all residents.
Combined, that puts Summerland (with regards to the touchy issue of water in the Okanagan), in arguably the best position for the future of any town in the Okanagan!
Summerland has for years had a fantastic sewage treatment plant that everyone drives right past and does not even know is there! (no smell at all, a huge success!)
Summerland business owners have gone thru two major highway closures in the last few years that would have absolutely crippled many other small towns.  Instead, there is a vibrant and strengthened sense of purpose emanating from a newly invigorated Chamber of Commerce that features a very strong and diverse board of Directors along with extremely capable management and staff in place.
Summerland based builders and developers continue to lead the Okanagan with names such as Eric Gerrits Homescape, Ted Ritchie Custom Homes, Top Five Development Corp, Okanagan Custom Homes, Armar Developments (yours truly).
Summerland wineries top the list and have for years: Sumac Ridge has been a pioneer and continues very strong nationally and internationally, Dirty Laundry has led the marketing and branding innovation for years, and Thornhaven along with a number of others are really up and coming…did you know there is only ONE winery in the Okanagan that offers heli tours?  Thank you Summerland for THAT business innovation!
And please, remember Sleeping Giant Fruit Wines now operating with Summerland Sweets, right next to the spectacular KVR trestle that, by the way, has been completely upgraded for safety and user friendliness…where you can ride the world renowned Summerland Steam Train!
WHEW!  yes, there USED to be a stigma…but please, let’s work diligently to make sure everyone knows that is OVER WITH!
There is truly a breath of fresh air in the beautiful small town of Summerland…and, …you aint seen nothing yet…the smart money always finds fresh air and “changed” places to wisely invest…
I urge you to be part of Summerland as it continues to come full circle back to its historical roots…remember, the history of Summerland includes that we used to be home to the barons of the railway! The very titans of Canadian Commerce invested in Summerland at the turn of the century, including Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, President of the Canadian Pacific Railway, and others!  (Drive through Vancouver’s Shaughnessy area you will see streets named after these fine gentleman, Osler, Hosmer, Angus to name a few).

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