Turn Around, Bright Eyes

Who remembers that song?  The song is for sure much more than a year old, but we now quote one other song…”the song remains the same”.

So, today we post some absolutely eye popping numbers out of a US housing research firm:

“…supplies of homes in Las Vegas are down 57 percent from a year ago and… housing starts are up 96 percent”


And as a reminder of the generational low interest rates and extreme buyer foot dragging that CANNOT last much longer…and amid reports of VERY robust housing sales in Edmonton and a RECORD HIGH sell price achieved recently in Calgary…(and the Dow Jones Stock Market Index achieving ITS all time high today)  here are two links to Summerland Based Developer Hunter’s Hill Holdings Ltd:



Hint Hint, remember when your Barber, or was that your taxi driver…told you about that tech stock?  Or when “everyone knows” Vegas Real Estate is terrible…it isn’t any more.  Did you know that?  Turn around time: less than 12 months.

And, you are hearing it here first.  Turn around, have a look at the demographic wave that is set to come have a glass of wine here in the Okanagan.  You can take a sip today…while the banks are TODAY being warned by Federal Finance Minister to NOT FIGHT SO HARD TO LEND YOU MONEY TO BUY REAL ESTATE!

This. IS. Generational. Opportunity. Good luck securing your retirement lifestyle.  You can.

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