These times, I tell ya…

The media lurches from “crisis” or “life threatening” to what ever scary next item will suffice in order to keep the disaster mode churning! It used to be that we could notice how the news is always negative. Well, now, not only is it always negative, it is now always EXAGGERATED as well! Seriously, remember when it did not require a ***WARNING: ENVIRONMENT CANADA*** snowfall warning: expect up to 2 inches of snow in the next 24 hours. Oh, I forgot, it is: ACCUMULATIONS of snow…not just snow! phew.

I read yesterday in Seth’s blog that the opportunities to obtain opinion, expertise, email, etc is literally infinite now.

Discern, make sure you know who and what you listen to, what you “let in”!

Cringe example…despite a “friend in the business”, despite myriad “how to” TV shows, despite endless magazine articles written by…newly graduated college students…despite websites offering to help you “save thousands” (by PAYING THEM a few hundred $$)

It should perhaps make intuitive sense that you speak with a professional, experienced, licensed, practicing Realtor to obtain an arm’s length opinion.

Truth is, you must make the conscious decision to over ride the sea change of nattering clammering voices if you seek solid input on making your important real estate decisions wisely.

Always remember you are welcome to check me out on facebook, and I am a text message or phone call away at my direct line cel 250 486 2529, and you could take just a minute to email me with any input, suggestions, or a real estate question.

Thank you for giving this a look, I hope the information and answers are as helpful to you as they have been to many others over the years. Obviously, if you are taking this time to read through, you are seriously considering.

You need to be sure you hire the best possible Agent, not the friendliest, not the one whose Mom sits near your Uncle in church…You owe me nothing. You owe yourself the opportunity to choose who you want. This is probably the most expensive money asset you will ever own, and it is very important you understand your options clearly, professionally.

Helping you find your best real estate answers in this market!

Patrick Murphy

Realtor, RE/MAX Orchard Country

10124 Main Street Summerland

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