The spring Okanagan market is upon us!

The sellers who thought prices would be rising with the daffodils are now enjoying the daffodils without the price rise. The trouble is that the buyers who thought the Okanagan would see massive Vegas style price drops are also not getting it their way in the Okanagan, either! The real estate market just never does quite live up to the hype we read in the headlines. Somewhere in there always comes the reality of the real world of real estate. We are finding more lookers and buyers coming in the doors, but I do think the best values (any real desperation sales) are behind us now. This is proof positive (in my opinion only) that the best time to buy real estate is always…a little while back in time!

One Realtor mentioned the upsurge in higher end “buyer interest” and passed it off as “those guys don’t care” about their money…well, I would argue that “those guys” care very much about their money, and they KNOW when to step up and be brave with their money. And they are once again making moves into Okanagan real estate right now! That is not what we read in the news, for sure, but it is what is happening right now. In the news we read of “the near collapse of the United States Banking system” and so on…then discover that less than 25 banks out of 10,000 in the US have closed their doors!

One of my objectives this year was to “upgrade my web presence” online. In so doing, I have been…FACEBOOKED!!! So far, it has helped me re-connect with some, communicate better with some, helped me be a better soccer coach for the Summerland Thunder u14 boys team, and …facebook has helped me sell a couple properties, too! If you have an interest in hearing about facebook from someone with limited experience, let me know!

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