– The first thing you need is for your property to get exposure to non-local buyers.

– The first thing you need is to be told the difficult truths about this market.

– The first thing you need is a local Realtor with National experience.

– The first thing you need is a seasoned professional with expertise.

– The first thing you need is a successful marketer who understands and works with the technology & tools that buyers today DEMAND.

– The first thing you need is a full time dedicated hard worker.

I hope the information and answers above are helpful to you.  Obviously, if you have taken the time to read through, you are serious about selling.  I understand it really is a tough one if you know “a friend” in the business, especially in a small town like ours.  Many people know more than one friend in the business, so it can be tough.  My advice is to remember that this is a SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLAR service contract.  You need to be sure you hire the best possible Agent, not the friendliest, not the one whose Mom sits near your Uncle in church…You owe me nothing.  You owe yourself the opportunity to choose who you want.  This is probably the most expensive money asset you will ever own, and it is very important you understand your options clearly, professionally.

I am very pleased to make this sincere offer:  I will meet with you privately in total discretion to help you make a non pressured decision.  If you still choose to hire “your friend in the business”, I promise to not have hard feelings, and all I ask is that you pay me $75.00, a portion of which I will donate to the Children’s Miracle Network.  Sound fair?

Always remember you are welcome to check me out on facebook, and I am a text message or phone call away at my direct line cel 250 486 2529, and you could take just a minute to email me with any input, suggestions, or a real estate question.

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