Thank you to elected officials…even the well intentioned ones I disagree with :)

Listen to what Daniel Hernandez said after being called a hero…

“People have been referring to me as a hero. I don’t think that I am. I think the people who are heroes are people like Gabby, who have dedicated their lives to public service,”

Daniel Hernandez was the first person to help the critcally wounded Congresswoman who was shot in the head.

I agree with what Daniel has said.

Folks, these people who serve as elected officials need our support and need our ADMIRATION. Much of the newspapers (especially the P Herald) and much of the letters to Editor (by you know who) are so critical and negative, all the time.

And this constant undermining by the “peanut galleries” just diminishes the importance of those roles. And the nastiness from the sidelines serves to keep some good folks from running for leadership, too!

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