T.O. Toronto, or as I called when I sold Real Estate there, Trauma…is yet another hot market

Yesterday I wrote about the Calgary condo sale, and updated some Whistler info.  All good.  Here is a Canada.com excerpt:

Brad Lamb believes Toronto’s downtown condominium market is out of this world.

“There’s no other place on the planet where all this [activity] is happening,” says the president of Brad J. Lamb Realty, who specializes in downtown condo sales. “We have a large immigration of people coming to Toronto every year. We have a diverse economy that can support a reasonably affluent lifestyle. And we have a very stable Canadian economy. Everyone is recognizing how great Canada is, and Toronto is the centre of Canada.”


Note one big huge difference: those places all have positive growth.  Summerland has had very little and actually had negative growth.  This plain and simple results in slow, weak real estate sales, ladies and gentleman.  Them’s the facts.  A town loses hundreds of jobs and its real estate market softens.  A towns real estate market softens and it takes a long time to come back…

On a personal note, while it does no good to blame particular community leaders, it is important to note that the “protectionista” movement that dominated Summerland politics is now having their day in the sun.  These are exactly the results that political force sought to bring about.

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