Symptom of change, Not victim of change

Just when you might think you know something about the changes taking place online…along comes a statistic that rocks your “knowledge” to the core.  I post thestatistic at the end of this post, along with source for the statistic, but first, this question to consider:

Am I content to live with being in “a state of mind” or should I rather seek to live in “a stage of growth”?

HINT: Choosing “a state of mind” says you may be “stagnant”, it is about a destination, rather than the journey.  However, choosing to live in “a stage of growth” clearly is about movement, change & growth.


Bailey Gershkovitch, former CEO of Deep Fried Entertainment before she created startup tech game design company Silicon Sisters says that “more women over the age of 30 are now playing games than teenage boys”.

Here’s the thing:  EVERYTHING is changing, changing constantly, and changing swiftly.  I would have NEVER thought more women over 30 are playing video games than are teenage boys, NEVER.  But that was just my state of mind.

So, let’s watch out for the dangers that can come from the “state of mind” influencers in our life… and in our businesses.

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