Now that the Wharton Street farce is finally behind Summerland…

Maybe this council will now demand the “developer” to remove his signs from our City property! PRONTO!

And, FOR SURE, staff better PLEASE make sure to have that “developer” cease and desist from advertising OUR TOWN on his website!!! Okay?

The guys website has been a riduculous embarassment to our town since day one!

When the previous council got us in with this guy…nothing good was ever going to come from it…  and nothing good did come from it.

Councillor Hallquist has been dead right when he says we should be very glad this council worked to ensure there is not a half constructed building there right now.  Let’s move on!

I’m serious, I hope Summerland Staff will get this guy to now STOP associating our fine town with his FAIL reputation.

On one point of interest, of all the ways that you could have thought to describe Wharton Square, would you EVER have wanted it to be marketed as “recreational real estate”?

If you look at the guys website, he describes Wharton Square as “recreational real estate”.

Was that the previous council intention when they got into this with him? I thought those guys are on record as being AGAINST vacation kind of owners here in Summerland!  And their man goes and markets it exactly as “recreational real estate”.  Boggles the mind.

And on the same website by that guy, to click on “about Summerland” and see pictures of…I don’t know where, maybe it’s Connetticut?

But it sure is not a picture of Summerland!

Let’s get the previous council’s guy out of Summerland’s hair for real, finally, and move forward!

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