Trying to sort out my thoughts on the riots…

1) Clearly the mob mentality has turned on the perpetrators of the riot.

2) I am troubled by the videos for many different reasons…but one keeps rising in my mind above all the troubling images: What did the police actually DO that night?

And here is a commentary I read that kind of sums up I think…

“what is becoming of policing in Canada?

Last year officers in Toronto were ordered not to take action as hoodlums burned police cars and looted stores on some of the most prestigious streets in the city.

A day later, instructions were to kettle hundreds of citizens for hours in the rain.

Police brass said that they needed to question every person in order to determine who were the criminals –and yet many persons detained in the rain were not ever approached by the police. A year later, still no accountability, and no answers.

In Vancouver, cars were burning in the streets, stores were looted, and very little, if any, action taken. Today, police are asking the public to send in pictures so they can try to identify the culprits!

Is this what policing in Canada has come to? Let the thugs take over and then ask the public for clues? If the rank-and-file officers in Vancouver are anything like those in Toronto, they are embarrassed by their leadership. We need answers, and accountability.”

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