Summerland Talent Show: Small Town BIG impression

Summerland Flash Mob tonight at Center Stage for the High School Talent Show

Don’t worry, you don’t really have to DO anything…just show up!

The last show is tonight, $10 for a good cause, SHOW UP SUMMERLAND

You will be impressed by the young people of Sumerland, and I guarantee you will be inspired.

But, the purpose here is not for YOU to be inspired….WE will inspire THEM…with a massive sellout show of support tonight only…

I promise you the kids deserve it…I promise you the kids will be blown away if we can get you, me, US to simply come out to attend!

The fun part is that this CAN make the news…Summerland giving a massive show of support for our youth!

Please Attend!  You will be glad you did!

The Show at the high school last night was impressive on many levels.  I came away encouraged by the young students from this small town.  Their self confidence was inspiring, and to see all the hard work they put in, all for a good cause (bigger than themselves) was uplifting.

As Summerland continues to work its way out of some very difficult economic times, I highly suggest that tonights show (the last one) is well worth attending…you will be encouraged by what you see!

Oh, and thank you to the BCTF TEACHER(s) who were working hard to make this happen!

Tonight at Center Stage $10 show starts 7pm

Patrick Murphy 250 486 2529


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