Summerland Street Festival, Earth Week

Another reason to visit Summerland this spring!

And just to be clear, this is the small Okanagan Town with a REAL Main Street (not part of a HIGHWAY) that closes to vehicles often for these type of events.  (Not to mention the streets being rolled up everyday at 5:05 pm anway!)

Here’s an article that touches on some of the quaintness of life in a small town:

Earth Week Street Festival down town Summerland

Should be some fun!  And remember, Farmers Markets are well underway and well worth a visit also.

Patrick Murphy 250 486 2529


Here’s info on a very nice lakeview home that is getting lots of interest:

Call or text for instant info:

250 486 2529


Here is one more reason to visit Summerland:

Bonias Bistro offers an amazing experience.

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