Summerland Real Estate Update

On a beautiful moonlit July 31 evening, we ask a very simple question:

When exactly WERE the good old days for Summerland Real Estate Sales anyway?

Statistical Analysis
Year to date all categories
MLS Summerland so far this year has had SIX properties sell for over $1million.
MLS Summerland so far this year has had TWENTY THREE properties sell for under $200,000.

Year To Date (YTD) Total number sold: 150
Same YTD last year (2011): 127
Same YTD 2010: 102
Same YTD 2009: 121
Same YTD 2008: 119
Same YTD 2007: 192

The last 24 months have quietly strung together a positive up trend for Summerland property sales.  The first 7 months of this year reports the most sales in this period since 2007.
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