What is up with MLS Tour? What really happens…behind the scenes!

Just noticed a price reduction on a competing Realtor’s Summerland house listing and I thought it timely to have this positive, open discussion.  I have worked in Real Estate in 3 different provinces in 4 different decades, in a number of different cities and been part of a few different Real Estate Boards.  Each board has similar rules but varying methods as to how these “Realtor Tours” work.

So, if you are asked to let your place go on MLS Tour, here’s what to expect:

The host Realtor (Listing Agent) will arrive to open the door to allow access for all the attending Realtors to then walk through, ask questions and generally get to know your place.  The process only takes a couple minutes, but there are sometimes lagging carloads so its best for host Realtor to linger before doing the walkthru to ensure all is locked up and lights out.

The positive is that Agents who may have a buyer will then be more aware of your place as a potential for that buyer, and it can also trigger in Realtor’s minds “Hey, I know just the right buyer for this kind of place”.  These tours also help inexperienced Realtors build their “product knowledge” of what’s out there.

That’s the positive….the downside is that some Agents see this tour as opportunity to make negative comments about a competing listing, or to point out flaws such as “that floor color is just not great” and such.  And that is of course what the listing agent does not want to be taking place!  So, when I put one of my clients listing on tour, I make sure to speak up about the good features of the property as I greet Realtors at the door.

I like to say things like “notice the upgraded flooring in the bedrooms” or “note the light fixture in the rec room really brightens up the place”.  I also use this opportunity to point out if seller can provide flexible possession or out of the ordinary included items.

This type of effort helps build value in the Agent’s minds as they consider the possibility of bringing their client through at a later time.  Many times, this kind of effort has triggered a successful showing request, and is a positive, helpful way to generate activity and interest in the listing.

Thank you for giving this a look, I trust it is helpful and informative as you go through your decision process.

Patrick Murphy

250 486 2529

RE/MAX Orchard Country

10124 Main St Summerland

PS As an important note, the use of MLS tour is not a mandatory requirement, I have many of my clients who prefer not to have all the agents “traipsing through”.  There are many additional effective and efficient tools in this day and age which make the MLS tour somewhat redundant.  I am more than happy to not place a client’s property on MLS tour, making excellent use of technology and marketing efforts in other more effective ways.

However, bottom line is that Summerland MLS Tour  will bring a good number of Realtors through your place, and that helps.  The tour route is determined once all applicants are in place, then the first house is where Realtors meet at 9:30, taking a walk through and then moving as a group to the next home, and so on.  So, for your purposes, please plan that we will all be there somewhere between 9:25 to 11:15 at the outside if it is a long tour.  We will use lockbox to gain access and lock it when we leave, if you have a lock box, if you do not, we will use a supplied key from seller.  It is not an issue if someone is at home, but prefer no people or pets be there if possible.

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