Is Summerland BOOMERville, ZOOMERville, or what?

Summerland is a beautiful small town that can’t help but attract visitors from the demographic trend referred to as “BOOMERS” and “ZOOMERS”.

Summerland sits right in the middle of the Okanagan, for heaven’s sake!  Golf, Wine, Orchards, Vineyards, Lake, Weather and beautiful scenery!  Summerland SHOULD attract many of the lifestyle seeking BOOMERS & ZOOMERS for sure, given we have all that!

Experts agree on three important points in this regard:

1) This is a HUGE population trend that is driving significant change throughout Canada

2) This demographic group has money and want to use it

3) As retirement looms, this demographic group is demanding quality lifestyle changes

A recent article in the Vancouver Sun provides a glimpse into these


“Sophie’s Landing, created by Signature Carleton, is one of the first such “lifestyle communities.” Located in Orillia, 70 minutes north of Toronto, Sophie’s Landing is a gated community that is both residence and resort. A series of 84 Muskoka or French Country-styled custom bungalows with high ceilings, full basements and attached garages are dotted along the 2,000 feet of private Lake Simcoe waterfront.”

Sophie’s Landing’s director of sales and marketing says: “Adult lifestyle living isn’t necessarily about retirement. These are often people in their late 50s or early 60s who want to downsize and to be in a community with like-minded people.”

Sounds fantastic and also sounds just like what SCEDT and lifestyle promoters in Summerland (like me) believe should happen here.  One important reality check from that report, however, brings this Summerland vision to a crashing halt.

Please note this fundamentally important part of the equation:

“Prices begin in the low $300,000s for a 1,000-square-foot bungalow.”

Can Summerland seriously ever hope to have ANYTHING priced in the low $300’s that would appeal to BOOMERS & ZOOMERS?

The price for a lake VIEW lot is: $217,500 here in Summerland.  (There’s only one available at that price, by the way, and I will be pleased to show it to you if you’re interested!)

So, we can rightfully proclaim that Summerland is a beautiful small town that is attractive to “BOOMERS” and “ZOOMERS”.  But, that’s pretty much the end of the story as long as Summerland continues to be priced far and away from what Boomers & Zoomers appear to be able to purchase elsewhere.

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