Summerland handles a $200 million construction project…

I personally believe it is inappropriate to voice my opinion “jailgood” or “jailbad” for Summerland at this time, for many reasons.

I believe it is MORE IMPORTANT NOW THAN EVER that Summerland recognize the way which this current topic has been and is being handled by our town.  It aint pretty.  This prison thing has erupted suddenly into “jailgood” or “jailbad”.  Predictable but not good and not necessary.

Without voicing my opinion of “jailgood” or “jailbad”, please look beyond that and seriously consider how Summerland is handling this particular $200million construction project.

Summerland needs leadership and direction.

We all know that Summerland has had a few years of economic difficulty, ranging from Highway closures, to businesses relocating to significant job loss.
Summerland’s charming downtown, excellent services, schools and lifestyle amenities do offer much potential for economic well being.
But, Summerland has a clear track record of missing out on recent opportunities such as Summerland Hills Golf Resort.
Summerland needs leadership and direction.
Summerland business people can and should play a siginficant role in helping the town toward economic well being.  This involves leadership on many levels, in many ways, and at each opportunity.
It is not adequate and it is unfair to simply sit back and rely on leaders who have been elected to office.

“How will Summerland respond when there is opportunity for economic well being?”

Please consider attending the Summerland Outlook Conference March 15 at Center Stage, Speakers Andy Oakes of Okanagan Hockey Academy & Chief Clarence Louie from Osoyoos Indian Band will speak on:

Successful business provides positive economic and social impacts on local communities
Successful business leadership is an integral part of the community
Strong communities need strong leadership
Business plays an importante role in strong communities
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Chief Clarence Louie are available now and starting to sell out fast:
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