Summerland Prison Survey Comment

Arlene Fenrich and supporters held a supportive Summerland business announcement about the Prison at the Summerland Waterfront Resort  yesterday.  Well attended, well supported and well spoken.  In a nutshell, a group of local biz people are concerned with how the Mayor and the Pres of the Chamber both have spoken out against the prison and felt that a voice of support for at least looking into it, at least in the South Okanagan, was timely.

The media is obviously interested in this prison topic.  CBC Radio, CHBC TV, Vancouver Sun and Summerland Review all covered this positive event with some Summerland Business people voicing support for the prison in the South Okanagan.  (Interestingly the P Herald again shows no interest in a positive S’land Biz initiative)

Please see the blog item below for comment subsequent to the “open house”

Thanks for giving this a look, Patrick Murphy 250 486 2529

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