Summerland Okanagan Small Town Open for Business

Very positive business event was held in Summerland as the small town hosted the Okanagan Valley Wide Business After Hours.  As one of many display participants, I still find one particularly pervasive comment to be very telling:  “Oh, I drive past Summerland all the time, haven’t really had any reason to stop, always on my way thru”…

I am used to hearing that from buyers who walk into our office.  I have heard that kind of comment many many times.  And too many in the business community of the Okanagan said that last night, also!

Very encouraging, however, is the Summerland Chamber taking action to change that.  As a business person, I believe this is the time and this is the economic environment in which Summerland MUST now step forward and into its appropriate, NOTICED place in the Okanagan Valley business community.

Here’s an interesting article from Globe & Mail:


And here is a link to the Summerland Chamber:

By the way, here is one Summerland business that is absolutely ripe for new owners:

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