Summerland Mountain Goat

One of the benefits of small town Summerland is the access to so much outdoor recreation opportunity!  With all eyes on “the lake”, Okanagan Lake, it is very easy to overlook the majesty of Giants Head Mountain glowing in the setting sun…it is very easy to overlook all the hiking, biking, fishing, quadding, cross country skiing, walking, photography, bird watching and on and on opportunities.  Garnett Lake is a real beauty and offers incredible hiking and wildlife viewing opportunities.

The Summerland Mountain Goat population continues to thrive, and every year one or two young males get the boot from Mr Mountain goat.  This one was spotted alone, away from the main herd, on August 1 2012.

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Summerland Mountain Goat July 2012 002 Summerland Mountain Goat

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