Showing real estate buyers from the Lower Mainland…don’t miss out!

I will be working with some Lower Mainland buyers coming in this week, so will be busy showing them places!  If you have real estate you want to sell that you think might be of interest to buyers from lower mainland in the $350,000 to $425,000 range, let me know!  It might just be the right fit, and they are serious about owning here.

Always remember you are welcome to check me out on facebook, and I am a text message or phone call away at my direct line cel 250 486 2529, and if you take just a minute to email me with any input, suggestions, or a real estate question that is always nice.

Helping you with your best in your real estate in 2011!

PS   This real estate site has been generating increasing amounts of traffic, and it’s time for scheduled improvements. This is an exciting time of important changes and updates to the site.

Please be sure to keep checking back often as I work hard to bring current and pertinent information with frequent updates about Real Estate.

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