Summerland Life

You can be glad you live in small town Summerland.  Our small town offers a fun, easygoing lifestyle inspired by natural beauty, sandy beaches and green orchards that sprouted long before cars, television and the internet.

Summerland still offers a life modeled on simpler times.  A time when doing the sensible meant taking the kids to the beach for the afternoon, going for a bike ride along a quiet orchard lined road, and picking your own cherries from a friendly neighbors tree because they “couldn’t keep up”.

Somehow life seems to have gotten far, far away from these simple, fundamental treasures.  Summerland brings it all back, you’ll see…it is never to late to take a stand with your life, for your life.  And believe me, rush hour here really does involve stopping to let the family of quails cross in an unmarked crossing on your way home from work.

In a small town, it’s easier to make friends and get to know your neighbours. Life just serves up more opportunities, but you get to choose what you do with them. Summerland is a real departure from the hurried and harried way of life, where you can live next to someone for years but never progress past a wave from the car as you run off on your next errand.

Summerland living is just more eventful. Street fairs, farmers’ markets, musical festivals, car shows and wine festivals.  And, hey, are you not at least a little bit curious what it takes to “RIDE THE GIANT”?

And now… a bit of a commercial for you to consider when choosing a Real Estate Agent for your small town move:

It is thru countless hours of hard work and perseverance thru ups and downs of the real estate market, plus years of community participation that has made RE/MAX Orchard Country the #2 Real Estate Firm in Summerland. (#2 is pretty good! remember, there are a ton of licencees in this town!)

Put your trust and dreams in the capable hands of this group of 4 Realtors and dedicated staff to help your dreams come true.  Whether its buying or selling, put Patrick Murphy’s 20+years of experience with the “Real Estate Roller Coaster” to work for your best interests, your best dreams come true…right here in Summerland.

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