May it happen in Summerland also…leadership.

We have been inundated with comments by media and those who DID NOT GET ELECTED about “arrogance”, and “sad day for democracy” and such regarding the recent federal election.

However, I absolutely believe this election is a fantastic and huge turning point that will come to be seen as the day Canada got its act together!

Furthermore, I believe the turning point came when Harper made his decision to keep the media at bay, literally.


Remember when he first stood off and away from all those reporters and took only a limited number of their questions?  Remember how much he was hammered (by them) for doing so?

THAT was the day he LOOKED like a Prime Minister.  That was the day I told my wife he would win a majority in this election.

That day, he SHOWED he was a leader that IS different from the others, and he showed that he MUST BE different from the others.

Leaders ARE different!

Thankfully, and very refreshingly, Canada will now see 4 years of actual government decision making, which can really lay the groundwork for leadership that Canada will come to THRIVE under.

May it happen in Summerland also.

Here is one paragraph from the Globe & Mail that I believe sums things up very well:

“Plenty of Harper critics think that Monday was a sad day for democracy. Personally, I think it was a great day for Canada. The Bloc, which squatted in Ottawa like a toad for 20 years, is gone. Mr. Harper has forged a historic new alliance between the West and Ontario, and he didn’t need Quebec to win. Quebeckers’ mass infatuation with the NDP may not last longer than snow in April, but their ability to hold federal governments to ransom may be gone for good.”

Quotation taken direct from a Globe Article written by Margaret Wente

VERY LARGE PS HERE:  look at this glimpse of the kind of pathetic direction the NDP will be taking us with their new found voice:

“NDP’s deputy leader doubts existence of bin Laden photos”

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