Summerland is the only small Okanagan town that still

genuinely displays the benefits of graceful growth…Summerland has come of age as a premier winery & vineyard destination, but its greatest charms are its timeless ones…

Vineyards and Wineries, Orchards and Fruit Stands, Golf Courses and Restaurants, People Beaches & Dog Beaches, Boat Launches and Flyfishing Lakes, Historical Steam Train and Trout Creek Canyon Trestle, Bike paths and Walking trails, Adventure Quad Tours and Vigourous Hiking trails, Family Festivals and Car shows, Art shows and Sports Tournaments, Horseshoe Club and Badminton Club, Lions Club and Kinsmen Club, Racket Club and Fitness Centers, Curling Rink and Hockey Arena, Ride the Giant or Stroll Main Street, Laugh as the Quails scatter and marvel at the strutting Pheasants, park your car and ignore the “one hour parking” sign, shop our shops, linger over our sweets, marvel at YOUR small town…where Main St is rolled up and put away for the day at 5pm…Summerland is a small town as diverse as its Okanagan Lake landscape…
You’re not likely to get lost in our small friendly town, but you are welcome to lose yourself along our quiet country roads!

Today, many things have changed…but the important things have not. Summerland is what the Okanagan used to be, a small friendly town to savour sun drenched summers. Summerland is… YOUR Okanagan life!

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