Summerland is synonymous with Lifestyle & Recreation…

Obviously a small town that gets more sunshine annually than Hawaii can grow great cherries!  But, life in Summerland is about so much more than stopping to smell the cherry blossoms…and apricot and apple and pear and plum blossoms in spring!

If you never take the time to ride your bike along a quiet Summerland road on a moonlit evening with the crickets in full song while you chat about important things with your loved one…well, maybe you need to move to Summerland!  As a parent, there is a pretty great feeling knowing your family is at the beach soaking up the last rays of the day before the BarBque get together!

And, contrary to all the fashionable trendy marketing about wines, vineyards, foodies and so on, it’s pretty tough to beat a good old fashioned marshmallow roast at Powell Beach by the lighthouse on a summer evening.  But in terms of recreation and things to do, well, there’s plenty of options in and around Summerland including hiking trails, sailing lessons, tennis courts, badminton clubs, fitness centers and riding instruction…for more info check in at the Summerland Parks & Rec department:

On a different more out doorsy kind of note, the Summerland Sportsmans Association hosts a number of archery 3d shoots every year, and usually can provide some beginner equipment for youngsters.  This group of Summerland outdoor enthusiasts really makes effort to welcome new comers and especially the younger generations.  They maintain the boat launch at Peach Orchard Beach and the rifle range on Wildhorse road.  Did you know the trail ride lady has her dog trained to run ahead and bark at anyone in the range to let them know when she is coming down the trail with her greenhorn visitors?

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PATRICK MURPHY 250 486 2529



For current info on other recreation opportunities, give me a call or email


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