Summerland is really a happy place. Did you know that? This town

is friendly and happy.  Sure, there are people who complain when things aren’t quite right.  Sure, there are always some who see the negative around every cherry tree.  There are probably those who could find a way to complain or write a letter to the editor about pretty much anything! But, really, Summerland is a very happy place.  Think of the grad this last weekend…tons of fun, a parade down Main St and thru the roadblocks for construction, past the closing packing house to the old arena where all the happy grads and proud families gathered.  It is tough on the town to have that closing, and tough to have the roads under construction, yes, but noone was complaining as the proud Summerland Grads enjoyed a marvelous weekend!  Even the night of dry grad went great from what I hear.

No one was complaining the week before when all those young children and not so young were participating in the soccer tournaments.  Summerland teams did great!

One boys team had a perfect season and just barely lost to an Osooyos team for the final tournament gold game…but those boys had a perfect season nonetheless…and I know of one girls team that has had the same Dad coach them for 5 years, all thru high school!  That team DID have a perfect season, finally!  They went undefeated in regular season, then also went on to win the year end tournament, too!  perfect season!

So, if some people sign a petition against the RCMP building and if some still write negative letters about politics, and if some just want to complain, I say…let them!  I am not listening!  This is lining up to be a wonderful summer here, and I hope that with Action Fest and the concerts in the Park all done for another year, with the Giants Head Run behind us, and nothing but a wonderful summer ahead, everyone can get out and enjoy the lake, golf a bit, drink some wine, enjoy some of the first class restaurants (I was treated to a drink at Local one night this week and sat on the deck, BEAUTIFUL), and enjoy the summer weather…when it gets here!  all the best for a great summer.

And if you get a chance to say hello to someone at the Beanery, do it!

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