Summerland in the news

A beautiful Okanagan small town where some in previous years fought HARD for “no change”…

continues to change nonetheless:

BC’s George Ryga Center to Close, Former Summerland Heritage Site of the Year now for sale.

The repurcussions continue unabated as Summerland continues to experience changes…changes that those who were vehemently opposed/afraid of seemingly EVERY single economic opportunity that was proposed…worked so hard to ensure no unwanted “changes” happened to Summerland.

The huge success of those opposed to any “change” is, however, continuing to bring “change”.

I doubt two things:

1) I doubt those who organized and wrote letters and so on, those who one local person cleverly and correctly nicknamed “C.A.V.E.” (Citizens Against Virtually Everything)…I doubt that for one second they connected the dots leading FROM no economic change TO no economic well being TO…this type of cultural “change”.

(My point is they did not do it on purpose to achieve this particular type of result)

2) I doubt very much that the people living in an economically thriving small town would ever let such a thing as this happen to a true GEM such as the Ryga House.  I am reminded again of Chief Clarence Louie (at RE/MAX SUMMERLAND OUTLOOK CONFERENCE): The economic horse pulls the cultural cart.

Summerland: WHEN are we going to get this trend STOPPED and pointed in a better direction?  Or maybe the first question should be: HOW are we going to get this trend to stop?  Or, maybe the toughest question is: WHO?

And I must truthfully ask that of myself as well.

Patrick Murphy



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