Summerland Fall Fair, now THAT’S ironic

103rd Summerland Fall Fair seems like it was a great success, with many great volunteers & plenty of visitors. There seemed to be a very high level of participation, from the re-charged IGA to the new opening of the True Grains Bread to other local businesses working hard to earn their place in the hearts of locals and visitors.

Was kind of wierd, though, to see Costco selling memberships at this event.  Their booth was ironically set up between the Museum society’s historic display of our deep LOCAL agricultural heritage, the Summerland Sportman’s Association display featuring LOCAL volunteers helping LOCAL young people and across from all the LOCAL fruit and vegetable grower efforts on display.  Next year, maybe WALMART will have a booth, no?

This is not meant as a criticism, just an observation, because there’s nothing wrong with Costco paying to be there.  Their presence should actually serve as a poignant reminder that we have to WORK to EARN local shoppers support.

Competitive forces require CREATIVITY in order to attract local shoppers, and to KEEP local shoppers hard earned dollars, business must continuallly IMPROVE service.

Thankfully, Summerland business has moved far beyond just the tired old plaintive cry that people SHOULD shop local.  Rather, Summerland business continues to work hard to EARN local support.  The Friday night movies in the park is just one example, and there are more opportunities on the horizon.  Light up Festival, Light up the Vines, to name just two that are coming up fast.

This small town’s business community is coming together like never before, building momentum after many difficult years due to many difficult reasons. Summerland is starting to see the results of hard work, of working together and yes, the benefits of a competitive marketplace.

Costco, bring it on, we’re ready for ya!

You, too, Walmart.

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