New Definition of “something is wrong here”…

It would seem that the small town of Summerland has single handedly defined the phrase: “something might be wrong with the economy”…

To wit:
It took Summerland probably 4 years to NOT get a Golf Resort underway.

It took Summerland about 5 years to NOT get Wharton St “development” underway.

And, now the RCMP station is NOT yet underway because not enough bids came in…(hint hint, why do you think that might be?  Sorry, but that’s a whole other can of worms.)

Anyway, contrast those 3 items of “Summerland Economy” with one headline from the real world and we have a finely crafted new definition of “something is wrong with the economy”:

“The Chinese port City of Qinqdao has created 80 new sawmills in 6 months”.

Six months, 80 sawmills, one city.

I can hear it already…yeah, but that’s China….whatever.

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