Summerland, so much more than…once a week!

Many profess that they would love to see some economic development initiative round these parts…

I heard of a suggestion that the chamber of ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT might come to allow space for a feature area during this high TOURISM season that would feature real estate and business opportunities available in this town that might just trigger some form of ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.

This is suggested in addition to the spot already in place at the chamber that features items made in Summerland, by other Chamber members.  Might be good timing even if it’s only allowed during this weekend and has to be taken down again right away after the Gran Fondo is on.

And perhaps a notice on the Chamber’s highway sign in place of the “always there” farmers market sign?  Great stuff, but Summerland has more to offer than a once a week farmers market, don’t you agree?  Would be good to see some other form of advertising on our Chamber highway sign than that one always promoting only the farmers market.

I would love the chance to promote some real estate opportunities and perhaps if that is “agin the law”…well, maybe the upcoming great train robbery could be promoted there, even just fer a bit?

Always cross promoting, you can click here for info on the train robbery:

Everyone who comes into our office asking about opportunities offers similar comments and questions:

1) We have DRIVEN PAST this for years and just never stopped in…

2) Is this ever a nice town!

It seems with all the money spent to house the chamber right there on the highway, maybe we could possibly just build on getting more of the highway traffic to …stop!  And if we give ’em a reason to come off that beautiful highway…well, the new entrance to S’land IS only a few hundred meters past that chamber building so…let’s give ’em a reason…let’s tell them about more than a once a week thing taking place in these parts!


On a related note:

Castanet news features small town Summerland fruit stand.  Hoping for some tourist traffic!

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