Summerland Development Announcement

Castanet New reports that:

A new development is coming to downtown Summerland.  The municipality announced Wednesday it has inked an agreement for the sale and development of municipal land at Wharton Street and Kelly Avenue to Kelowna businessman Dan Nonis.

Negotiations on the sale have been on-going for more than a year.  The development will include four buildings that will house commercial space on the first two floors and residential space on the upper three.

How positive is that?  Very positive, because this project WILL bring invigorating new action to the rare & treasured place that is “Summerland Downtown.”

How encouraging is that?  Very encouraging, because for the deal to reach this point…Summerland now officially sheds once and for all, all the negative labels from the recent past:

– Yes, the Mayor and Council can work effectively to proactively come to terms with a development project IN A TIMELY MANNER.  (unlike the past!)

– Yes, Development Services is able & willing to work diligently to ensure red tape is dealt with…IN A COOPERATIVE MANNER.  (unlike the past!)

– Yes, there is enough water in Summerland for new residents, for new business, for new enterprise.

This deal could not have been an easy one to put together…for the Municipality OR the Developer.  Congratulations on all the behind the scenes work that must have been done.  This is very positive news for Summerland on many levels.

Patrick Murphy

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