Further to “work here” comments re: Chamber website

Great to see the Chamber clearly outlining the opportunities for locals to actually participate in building the approx. $3million RCMP building.

The Chamber obviously understands the opportunities for local business when there is a major construction project locally.  To quote one prominent local business guy “Opportunity here for Summerland businesses!” and I agree.

I think local business sometimes may simply not be aware of these kind of opportunities to participate and can miss out without the kind of informative helpfulness coming from the Chamber.  There are 32 specific opportunities for local companies to bid posted on that job that the Chamber outlines here:


I remember some arguments by the naysayers of the RCMP Station…

“There won’t really be any local benefit because the job is too big and outside contractors will be brought in”…

Well, here we see serious opportunity for local business when a major capital construction project is undertaken in Summerland.  Congrats to the Chamber for their work on informing local business.

Here is the original post regarding “work here”:


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