Summerland, A Cool Drink of Water

in a semi-arid desert climate.  A few short years ago, the #1 question asked of Summerland Realtors was along these lines: “We hear there are water problems here”…

Well, we don’t hear that concern very often anymore, largely due to the infrastructure improvements that have created arguably the Okanagan’s Best Water system.

That’s great.  It’s more than great.  It’s fantastic, because now, Summerland is home to some of the Okanagan Valley’s top wineries, 2 lush green Golf Courses, and some of the most profitable, well run, business like family orchard enterprises (that did not miss a beat when the rest of the valley underwent SIGNIFICANT hardship with the collapse of the cherry market).  And nobody questions the water supply anymore, even with the recent announcement of a major land development deal that should see an increase in housing supply (options).

That really is all good news.  But is there something MORE in the Summerland water?  There are 3 Summerlanders who have graciously let their name stand for the position of Liberal Candidate for MLA!

Congrats to all three, and thank you for your willingness to serve.

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