1247 signed the counter petition to force this Council to spend up to $30,000 on a full scale referendum, which generated a grand total of 14 additional NO votes.

2,655 YES votes were cast to validate the referendum.

IN REVIEW: There were acrimonious letters to editors…there were nasty words spoken…there was even an effort to have an unbiased community discussion at Center Stage (yours truly).

Some of those letter writers were invited to speak their views in public.  Only 2 of the 8 invited were able to accept that invitation.

Much of the opposition statements had all been heard before, but as a bit of a first, Municipal staff responded with their own letters to clarify some of the more amazing statements that were made.

The most incredible situation regarding the RCMP building discussions involved a former Mayor indicating that the dump was somehow at risk (or actually had already been ruined?).  And a letter from another former councillor stated “Council chose not to have further discussions, choosing to present only one option.” (I still wonder what he meant by that, but do NOT want to take the time to have it explained to me!)

The key point being that those kind of letters to the editor just do not seem to be of any help in the kind of community situation Summerland just went through.  In fact, I believe those kind of letters to the editor only serve to confuse the issue.  Those kind of comments by (former?) politiciaons may even be intended to lead people against decisions made by a duly elected council. (although with 14 added to the NO group, the results speak for themselves)
Ultimately, my message is this:  SUMMERLAND, let’s not waste ANY time being mad at this process.   Let’s not be mad at the people who “caused” this expensive referendum.  And, let’s not be mad at those who tried to make political hay out of it.

Let’s rather be thankful for the rights of all Summerland folks to participate in the process.  And let’s move forward without the usual rancor and anger toward “the other guys” this time.

I leave you with this timely input from the Winnipeg Free Press:
“Voters in Afghanistan’s capital city awoke Sept. 18 to the sound of rocket fire.  It was election day and insurgents terrorized the populace with more than 33 bombings and 60 rocket attacks in cities all over the country.  It was an organized attack, intended by Taliban forces to keep Afghans at home and out of the polling stations.  More than 20 people were killed as they attempted to vote.  152 Canadian solders have sacrificed their lives to give the Afghan people a chance to vote.”
(The Democracy Project.  written by Mia Rabson in the Winnipeg Free Press Oct 3 2010.

If you get nothing else out of these ramblings of mine, please get this: 152 Canadian soldiers have sacrificed their lives to give the Afghan people a chance to vote.

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