6 Summerland lessons from a Russian Trouncing: Team Canada’s Wake Up Call for Summerland

6) The 3 goal lead had Canada believing it had accomplished something. The hot economy had Summerland believing it had accomplished somethings.
5) Everything felt right entering the third with an insurmountable lead, and everything felt right when investment money was pouring into the area.
4) Team Canada came to believe that two good periods had earned them a gold. And Summerland came to believe that scenery and climate had earned a solid local economy.
3) Suddently there were three goals against. Suddenly there were three major businesses closed.
2) The time out was too late. Fear had completely taken over the day. It became a time for individual play and that actually made the team look worse. Summerland is learning to pull together in the same direction.
1) Hockey is just a game, and it’s over. But this small town has a very exciting future, and it’s just getting started!

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