What’s that line about fiddlers on the Titanic? Some thots on Summerland…

The last 24 months have quietly strung together a positive up trend for Summerland property sales.  The first 7 months of this year reports the most sales in this period since 2007.

This small but resilient Okanagan town was hit very hard with numerous job losses that have not been replaced.  And unfortunately, the prospect for Summerland job creation in the medium term is non existant in the extreme.  While still happening, the rate of businesses closing has mercifully slowed down, but the business community continues to struggle.

Consider that in this same positive 24 month period, there has been a distinct lack of new housing choices.  Sales results in Summerland are certainly not because of any “hot new housing options”!  There have been no hot new housing developments in Summerland for years!

WHAT THEN?  WHY SUMMERLAND?  Just how has Summerland managed to put together the positive real estate sales trend?

The Summerland sales results display very clearly what “Summerlanders” already know:  Small Town Okanagan Living continues to be popular….for some.  Summerland buyers seek the rare, unique and very appealing quality of life available only in small town Okanagan.

Apparently, Summerland’s lifestyle appeal outweighs both employment AND housing options… for some.  The small town with safe streets, charming character, recreation and leisure opportunities is an attractive option, and that’s a real positive.

But, without new jobs, and without options for modern housing amenities, that very Summerland lifestyle we all love is at high risk of disappearing.  And, slowly, it is disappearing, thanks to the continued negative economic realities we face.

Next blog we can look at what is being done to remedy this spiral situation…it will not be a lengthy article.

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