Small Town Real Estate Big City Interest

Still kind of exciting every time some of our work gets promoted elsewhere.  Especially true when it happens in an area where many of our buyer interest comes from!

Social Media & Real Estate Marketing for our clients selling here in the Okanagan continues to provide by far the most exciting and effective means.  It takes a lot of work, much more than simply paying to put an ad in the paper like the good old days!  But, it continues to pay excellent returns for Okanagan sellers…IF, and that truly is a big IF…if, a Realtor actually is willing to put in the extra time, effort and energy to do it right!

I don’t claim to know it all, and it is fundamentally important that clients KNOW we are continually learning, training, adjusting, tweaking and CHANGING WITH the opportunities that are out there.  We certainly don’t claim this as a magic bullet, it still takes old fashioned service to produce high tech results…but we are finding that results reflect more and more the importance of these efforts.

Here is a link to an example of our work getting picked up and promoted in Calgary…by someone we don’t know, have never met…but our work caught their eye, and now spreads from there!

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