Seriously Fresh Real Estate information for the Okanagan

Such an improved market!  Here comes the smart money as the Okanagan Real Estate market once again starts to attract visionaries, investors, entrepreneurs and energetic achievers who see OPPORTUNITY through the noise & clutter of “bad news”.

Always interesting to witness the cycles of Real Estate as the economy changes and progresses in fits and starts.  Fear is again being replaced by vision.  The fear of “what ifs ” is quietly taking a back seat to the determination of movers and shakers.  Things are happening.

The smart money is taking action, methodically and carefully, but yes, taking action…when the opportunity is right…only when the opportunity is right.

Meanwhile, the “coulda shoulda woulda” crowd carries on with the laser focus on the scary “what if’s”.  And suddenly, too late, those “what if’s” will again become the “IF ONLY’s”.

It happens every cycle, every market, always in Real Estate, that’s why this is the ONLY market in the world with the word: REAL in the industry.

Meanwhile, there are tons of events and attractions all over the Okanagan.  The market activity is strong, and wine is flowing!

Interest rates are near all time lows, asking prices are still mostly realistic, and buyer selection is still highest, FOR NOW.  Does it get any better than this in the Okanagan?

Timing the market for the time of your life!

Call or text for instant information 250 486 2529 on some of the real estate buying timing that I have ever been a part of.

What time is it in the OKANAGAN market?  Its go time.

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