In Real Estate, Real Differences Make a Real Difference.

pic are you fit to sell In Real Estate, Real Differences Make a Real Difference.

Deciding who to represent you is the most important decision you will make in the selling process.  In choosing, it’s important to choose more than a golf buddy or an aquaintance.  Your Real Estate Agent’s years of experience plus quality of that experience will either work for you or against you!  Try to look past friendships to choose wisely who will best represent YOUR best interests, choose someone that will:

Help you decide a competitive market price to get the most money possible, with the fewest problems possible, in the quickest time frame possible.

Help you showcase your property and highlight its best features to build VALUE in the buyers minds.

Help expose your property to attract the best buyers – from a yard sign to a window board, to facebook, to web pages, to strategies targeting non-local buyers, on and on…all targeting the best buyer for your property.  Don’t rely on a particular agent just because they seem to be well connected locally!  Some “well connected” agents will just bring their “old friend” bargain hunter or a local who needs to sell first!

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Here’s some background info on attracting out of area buyers to your property:


Pricing your property is a key decision that you need solid experienced, truthful advice with.  It’s the #1 reason for seller discontent with the sale process if you get this wrong. The value of a property is determined by what the buyer is ready, willing and ABLE to pay. The closer the price of a property is to fair market value, the better the chance to attract the right buyer who is willing to pay the highest price possible.  Many times, a “friend in the business” means well but just can not bring themselves to tell a seller the tough truth about the market conditions!

Often, listing with a “friend in the business” only leads to difficulties such as:

– Many showings to unqualified buyers who do not make an offer…because they CANNOT make an offer  (otherwise known as: a constant stream of looky loos…and it happens a lot!)

– A lot of lost time sitting on the market while other properties actually attract the real buyers, and get sold.

– Uncomfortable friction builds up between you and the “friend agent” as you sit unsold!

– Questions arise about the condition of your place, as to why it has not sold!

The solution is to ensure that you do not automatically and blindly sign a contract with a “friend in the business” that you come to regret.

Think this through: a listing contract is a several thousand dollar service contract.

Real Estate is probably the largest dollar value asset you may ever even own!  It’s well worth talking to an Agent who is not just a “friend with a license”.  Call now: 250 486 2529

YOUR WORST ENEMY: Stale Dated Property

When any property stays on the market for too long, the serious buyers think there is something wrong with it, why else would it not have sold yet?  And when the buyer IS ready for a look, they are already convinced something IS wrong, so the first impression is made BEFORE arriving at the property.

Worse yet, the buyer can think maybe the seller is beginning to get DESPERATE.  And THAT will impact perception of value, resulting in a lower offer.


A professional does not sweep into your place to glowingly discuss the beauty of your drapes hoping you will like them!  You may well have the nicest wall decor ever, and it is charming to be told that, but if the “friendly agent” dwells on fluff…well, they may just not have the sales experience required to get the buyer to sign a purchase offer in today’s tough market!

A well experienced Agent will want to discuss comprehensive market conditions with you, truthfully, fully, unbiased so that you can make the right decisions.  A friend from the club will find it very awkward, very difficult and often just CANNOT bring themselves to say the difficult truth a seller may need to hear!

A committed professional will help you choose a list price that works for you by sharing tough market truths with you.  Thus you will have a very real chance to get sold, for the most money possible, in the shortest time frame possible with the fewest problems possible.

The process of selling property should be a positive and enjoyable experience. In order to make this experience easier for you, the Agent should complete a thorough inspection to ensure the property is displayed to its best potential.  With a few simple suggestions, you will benefit in terms of getting the most money possible, in the quickest time frame possible with the fewest problems possible.


If your property is going to get a second look from buyers, it needs to make a good first impression. A strong Agent will help you see what is going to be important to prospective buyers.

To do that, both the inside and outside needs to be seen with the well experienced eye of a professional.  You will be helping to set the stage for a property that shows great to potential buyers.

When prospective buyers walk through for a viewing, they tend to imagine it as if it were their own so try to have the fewest obstacles possible in rooms.

Enhance drive-up appeal by removing clutter and cleaning stains off the drive way.

You may want to scrub or repaint your front door.

Remove dead and dying flowers and consider adding color.
Trim bushes, add fresh bark or rock flowerbeds for a fresh look.

Pick up toys, flowerpots, charcoal bags, hoses, garbage cans or any items that tend to leave a cluttered look.

Clean out gutters/roofs, make sure they are free of debris and moss.

Make necessary repairs to your roof if it leaks.

Check your fence. Repair and repaint it if necessary.

Keep windows sparkling clean and replace any windows that may have cracks in them.

Make sure all exterior lights and lamp work

Create a warm and inviting entrance.

There are more considerations depending on each property:

Rearrange or remove some of the furniture if necessary to make rooms appear larger and allow buyers to imagine their own furniture in the room.

The two most important rooms to the buyer are the kitchen and the bathroom, so consider removing stains in the sinks and tubs.

Make sure the floors have been scrubbed, and that all appliances have been well cleaned and are in good working order.

Clear all unnecessary objects from the kitchen and bathroom counter-tops.

Set out matching towels.

Tighten cabinet doors and lubricate squeaky or hard to open/shut doors.

Fix leaky faucets and make sure the drains in your tub and sinks are not clo

Replace the shower curtain (if needed) and clean the tile around the tub.

Odors must be eliminated especially if you have pets, young children.

If you are a smoker, consider smoking outside during the time you are active on the market. You may not notice the smell but potential buyers do.

Put out garbage.

Put any cleaning supplies out of sight.

Check for any burnt out lights and replace.

Make sure all smoke alarm work.


Try to air the house before the scheduled showing, but close the windows and doors before you leave. Set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature. Open all blinds/curtains to let in maximum light. Buyers like a house to be “light and bright”.

Turn on as many lights as possible: under cabinet lights, lamps, desk lamps … Turn on exterior light at night.

Make sure your pets are confined to a safe and out-of-the-way place.
Have the smell of something freshly baked or a light vanilla scent burning. Try to avoid using scented sprays just in case the buyers are allergic.

During a showing, the buyer will feel more relaxed if allowed to view without any distractions.

I hope the information and answers above are helpful to you.  Obviously, if you have taken the time to read through, you are serious about selling.  I understand it really is a tough one if you know “a friend” in the business, especially in a small town like ours.  Many people know more than one friend in the business, so it can be tough.  My advice is to remember that this is a SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLAR service contract.  You need to be sure you hire the best possible Agent, not the friendliest, not the one whose Mom sits near your Uncle in church…You owe me nothing.  You owe yourself the opportunity to choose who you want.  This is probably the most expensive money asset you will ever own, and it is very important you understand your options clearly, professionally.

I am very pleased to make this sincere offer:  I will meet with you privately in total discretion to help you make a non pressured decision.  If you still choose to hire “your friend in the business”, I promise to not have hard feelings, and all I ask is that you pay me $75.00, a portion of which I will donate to the Children’s Miracle Network.  Sound fair?

Always remember you are welcome to check me out on facebook, and I am a text message or phone call away at my direct line cel 250 486 2529, and you could take just a minute to email me with any input, suggestions, or a real estate question.

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