Many have attempted to buy Real Estate here and have been left shaking their heads in exasperation!  I always tell people that the Okanagan  is a great place to live, and a tough place to buy into!

I know, I know, at first look, it should be easy…there are, what, over 250 active listings in Summerland alone as I write this!

Should be easy.  Should be deals.  Should be desperate sellers!

No, it’s not easy. Yes, there are some deals. No there are not many desperate sellers.

I will tell you all about it when we meet, but forewarned is fore armed!  It is really tough to buy Real Estate here.  But, boy is it great once you do!  It is well worth the efffort, just tougher than one might think at first glance, that’s all.  And with my help, you CAN enjoy the process and you CAN get a good deal!

For example, these days I am hard at work talking with a good number of sellers who are getting serious about selling their real estate this year.  And you will benefit from knowing in advance about these upcoming listings.

These are not the same old sellers who fish for buyers year after year until they get lucky and someone comes along and overpays.

These are not the sellers who get their Realtor to tell buyers to “make an offer”.

BY THE WAY, Do you know when the Realtor says “make an offer”, they know the seller  has no intention of ACCEPTING that kind of offer!

What “Make an Offer” really means is, “heh heh, once the buyer falls in love with our place, we know they will come up in price after they “make an offer”.

If that is the kind of buyer representation you DO NOT want to play around with in this small town, then we better talk.

That attitude is an unfortunate truth of our local market that happens time and again, and can lead to serious regret and disappointment with your purchase.

As a buyer, do you really want to face this and more as you pursue your dream purchase here?

Get in touch with me and I will help you navigate the waters.

Or, of course, you can work with someone else who will use “strategy # 38”:  Get you in the car and show you and show you and show you till you’re sufficiently worn out so you will “make an offer”…Remember, there’s plenty of places for you to look at!

Anyway, hoping you get the point, and so, if you are serious about buying, let’s get serious about buying.  With your best interests at heart!

Always remember you are welcome to check me out on facebook, and I am a text message or phone call away at my direct line cel 250 486 2529, and you could take just a minute to email me with any input, suggestions, or a real estate question.

Thank you,

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