SCEDT Board of Directors, 5 Vacancies, 5 fresh volunteers

Over the years, my business has sponsored a number of events, initiatives and promotions to help do our best during challenging economic times.

Most recently for example, we invited SCEDT to participate at no charge in a major sponsorship of the VEES Game at the SOEC. At that game the Downtown Merchants Association received free publicity promoting the film nights and down town markets. We have always worked with the Chamber as positively as possible, and to the best of our ability.

Having said that, I feel obligated to make 3 comments on the vacancies for the SCEDT Board.

1) Please vote, it is our responability as business owners to vote.

2) I was one of about 6 voters who attended the Chamber Meet and Greet on the evening of March 6. I dutifully listened to each of the candidates share their thoughts and vision for the future of business in Summerland. (one incumbent was not available)

3) I have very serious concerns over the current state of Summerland’s economy, therefore, I am voting for the five fresh names who I believe will bring positive change to SCEDT.

The five names I will vote for are:

X Maged Said

X Darin Fair

X Brett Dewitt

X Jason Embree

X Andre Roman

You can vote at the:  Chamber office on the Highway

Thursday March 8 from 9am to 4pm.


Or you can vote at the:  Seniors Drop In Center, 9710 Brown St

off Rosedale behind the Badminton Club downtown.

Tuesday March 13 at 5pm




Patrick Murphy 250 486 2529

Follow me on twitter: @pmurphy88

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