SCEDT AGM & vote Tonight 5pm but not AT scedt…and don’t

forget to take the time to look up your biz license # and don’t forget to print your ballot to bring with you…then you can vote tonight!

The official information from the Chamber Manager does not indicate a closing time for voting, but I highly doubt that voting is open much past 5pm, so if you want to vote, get there right at 5.

Might be an idea for SCEDT to provide more clarity next year, and maybe next year change the rule that you have to pre print the ballot yourself, and that you have to identify your business name on the same paper as the ballot, and that you need to look up your business license # to write on the ballot sheet as well.

By streamlining a process, it helps to engage the busy businessperson…rule of thumb is that you always want to make participation as simple, as seamless and as easy as possible for those you are trying to engage.

Good luck to all and thanks again to all the busy business people who put their names forward…and to the busy business people who make the effort to vote, too!

Tuesday March 13, 2012
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Annual General Meeting
Seniors Drop-In Centre, 9710 Brown Street, Summerland


Oh, and the Seniors Drop in Center is located sort of behind the big Badminton Club Building.  You can always call the chamber, and I’m around if I can be of any help,

Patrick Murphy 250 486 2529

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